Sean Fields

Sean Fields was born and raised on a farm in the coastal hills of beautiful southern Oregon. He spent much of his free time in his father's wood shop and was working summers on construction sites by the age of 14. Born with sawdust in his blood as some might say.

Sean has spent time living in Hawaii where he worked as an artist and designed event posters, tee shirts and signs. He then lived in the Appalachians of North Carolina restoring historic houses and learning old building trades before he returned to the Pacific Northwest settling in Eugene, Oregon. During his time in Eugene, Sean worked as a lead carpenter building 4,000+ sq ft houses and developing neighborhoods. He also spent 5 years remodeling his own home in Eugene where he began to focus on his carpentry and tile work as an artist and as a true craftsman.

Sean eventually grew tired of the 24-hour stress of the large scale development jobs and wanted to scale back and focus on the quality of work, more than the quantity of work. He sold his house in Eugene and moved to Portland, where he started what is now SageFields Construction.